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Shopping For Better Deals

When I found out that I was pregnant with twins I was really overwhelmed. Since my husband and I already had three children, I was really nervous about how to pay for all of the household supplies and food that we would need to raise such a large family. However, after carefully considering our options, we decided that we could learn how to be smarter consumers, which might save a little money. We started shopping around for better deals, and we were able to learn how to cut our spending by almost half. This blog is dedicated to helping people to shop a little smarter and to avoid the pitfalls of overspending.

3 Ways To Tell If Your Vintage Costume Jewelry Has Value

Jewelry is used to accessorize clothing and make a statement about the wearer's personal sense of style. The widespread use of costume jewelry throughout the years has led to a consumer market flooded with vintage pieces. Just because a piece of jewelry is old doesn't necessarily make it valuable. Here are three things that you can look for when evaluating your vintage costume jewelry to determine if it has value in today's market. Read More 

How To Make The Most Out Of Perfume Sample Tests

An effective way to assess different perfumes you're thinking about buying is by gathering samples and smelling them. You can make the most out of these sample smell tests by doing a couple of things in particular. Use Store's Sample Sheets When Testing  If you want to get a good idea of what a perfume actually smells like, then you need to use the store's sample sheets. They will look like white pieces of paper and should be displayed around the shelving where different perfumes are displayed. Read More 

Reasons To Purchase Hemp Fiber Sunglasses

If you are trying to get ready for the upcoming sunny days, you probably want to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Before you just grab a pair from the dollar store or the local gas station, you will want to learn a little about hemp fiber eyewear and why such sunglasses are the kind you should get. Take a few minutes to read through the following: They Are Eco-Friendly Read More 

Top Reasons People Wear Shungite Pendants

If you enjoy and shop for stone jewelry, you may have come across some pendants made from shungite. This is a rare, black stone with a shiny exterior. It's mostly made from carbon, which is where it gets its black color. While shungite is not as hard as its carbon cousin, the diamond, it is a very hard and durable stone. But that's not the only reason why shungite pendants are so popular. Read More 

Just This Side Of Paradise – 4 Top Things To Do On The Island Of Kauai

If you're planning a visit to Hawaii, the highlight of your trip is likely to be your time spent on the green, lush "Garden Isle" of Kauai. If you're not already familiar with Kauai, what are some must-do experiences on this beautiful haven? Here are the top picks for any budget. See Waimea Canyon. The "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"—Waimea Canyon—is perfect for any visitor to the island. You can drive through the 3,500-foot-deep gorge and enjoy the various lookout points (and picture yourself in Jurassic Park, which was filmed in the area) or take off on a day hike into its lush, green interiors. Read More