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Factors To Take Into Considerations When Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Wedding

Holding an outdoor wedding during summer, spring or fall is a popular choice for many couples nowadays. With the majority of outdoor venues, such as beaches lacking sanitation facilities, you need to hire portable restrooms for your guests. Unlike in the past whereby most rental companies had miniature sized archaic restrooms that could hardly accommodate a single person comfortably; the current players in the industry offer a wide selection. Some popular choices for weddings include VIP restroom trailers that are equipped with sinks, ventilation, mirrors and lighting. Nevertheless, when renting portable restrooms, you should take certain factors listed below into consideration.

Number of guests

It is embarrassing to have long queues of people waiting to use the portable restrooms during the ceremony. You need to hire enough restrooms to serve your guests effectively.  To get the right number, inform the representative from the rental company the number of guest you are expecting. Considering that they have worked with other clients before, they will advise you accordingly. Most importantly, remember to look at the ratio of males and females in your guest list. By so doing, you will be able to hire the right number for each gender. It is advisable to rent trailers that have a row of urinals for men and separate multiple stalls for women. Most of all, ensure the restrooms are clearly labeled according to gender to avoid any confusion and embarrassment.    

Extra hook ups

If you rent a restroom trailer, it comes equipped with its own water supply and waste storage capacity. Since this your special day, you do not want any mishaps or anything that may make your guests uncomfortable.  It is a good practice to have a standby external water hookup just in case the restroom runs out of supplies. Additionally, lavish restrooms are equipped with air conditioners and heating systems that are powered by batteries. However, it is always good to have a standby external power source, such as a generator just in case the restroom amenities use up all the reserved power. Make sure you ask your rental agency to provide these additional hookups so that the wedding can go on without a hitch.

Special  needs

It is difficult for elderly or disabled guests to access normal portable restrooms that have stairs without any assistance. Make sure you cater for their needs by asking the rental company to provide a restroom trailer with a ramp, which will make it easy for anyone using a wheel chair to comfortably use the facility. Handicapped restrooms come with special flush toilets that will adequately serve the needs of disabled and elderly guests. Additionally, remember to offer at least one changing table in both male and female restrooms to serve guests with small kids that need diaper changes.  

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, remember to hire a reputable rental company to provide portable restrooms. Make sure you schedule your rental in advance to avoid any last minute rush or disappointed. You can enjoy your day and rest assured that the sanitation needs of your guests will be taken care of in a hygienic manner. Contact a business, such as White Bear Rental, for more information.