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4 Personal Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal showers are a joyous event designed to shower a bride-to-be with gifts and love, and many people choose to purchase presents off a couple's bridal registry. But if you are going to a bridal shower for someone who is a very close friend or family member, you may want to get a gift that is a little more personal. Consider the following bridal shower gift ideas for your friend or family member:

Wine Basket

If the bride-to-be enjoys wine, consider putting together a basket of her favorite varieties for her and her groom to share together. A popular idea is to include a bottle of champagne for the wedding night, a bottle of wine to enjoy on their honeymoon, another bottle to open up on their first anniversary, and a fourth bottle for toasting after the birth of their first child. Consider having personalized wine bottle labels created, and include a short note or poem explaining what each bottle is for.

Framed Picture

Many couples love putting personal pictures up in their home, so if you have a great photo of the bride and groom together consider having it custom framed and matted. To make the gift even more special, include a gift certificate to the shop where you had the photo framed so the couple can have their favorite wedding photograph framed before hanging it on the wall. If you're not sure where to find custom picture framing services, check out a company like Hoosier Highlander.

Honeymoon Kit

A honeymoon is the perfect time to for a couple to relax after the frenzy of a wedding, so if you know where the couple will be traveling to think about making a custom honeymoon kit to help make their trip more enjoyable. If the couple is headed to a warm beach destination you can buy a cute beach bag and fill it up with snacks for the plane ride, sunscreen, a couple of disposable underwater cameras, flip flops, and nice travel size soaps and shampoos. Top off your gift by including a gift certificate to a popular restaurant in their honeymoon destination so the newlyweds can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner together.

Picnic Basket

Picnics can be very romantic, so surprise the bride-to-be with a complete picnic basket kit. Make sure that it includes champagne flutes, plates, cutlery, and a large, soft blanket. Also include a bottle of wine or champagne for the bride and groom to enjoy together during their first picnic as a married couple.