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3 Modern Quarters That You May Have Let Slip Through Your Fingers

If you like to collect trinkets that are valuable or maybe valuable one day, there are many different things you can collect. You may want to save limited edition baseball cards that are available now, or maybe some other collection of figurines. There is one type of collection that stands the test of time; a coin collection. Coins of all ages can make for an interesting and fun collection; even the modern coins with different features and series. Here are some of the modern quarters that you may have let slip through your fingers:

The Valuable Silver Quarters From The Beginning Of The 20th Century

While the silver in early quarters can be very valuable, this is not the only thing that make coins from the 20th century valuable. There are also some errors and unique coins that can make some of these coins even more valuable. An example of this can be seen in coins like the 1932-D quarter which can have a value of more than $100.00 or copper and nickel quarters that can be worth a lot more than their face value.

State Quarters With Rare And Valuable Errors That Collectors Are Looking For

State quarters have been one of the most popular series of quarters. There are all the states and territories available. If you want to have the most valuable state quarters, you will want to look for the ones with errors. The common die errors like double-dies can be very valuable. There are also coins like the Wisconsin quarter that has and extra leaf that makes it more valuable. Most of the common coins are not worth that much and even the older proof sets have gone down in value since they were released.

Rarer Quarters From The 70s and 80s That Might Just Be Worth Hanging On To

While the silver and state quarters may seem the most interesting, there are also some of the coins from the 70s and 80s that can be valuable. The bicentennial coins are not worth that much now, but they will continue to go up in value as they become rarer. There are also some of the rarer copper and nickel quarters from the 80s that can be valuable and worth hanging on to, even though they might not be worth as much as some of the other coins that pass through your fingertips.

Now, you may want to look closer at those different quarters that slip through your fingertips. If you have found some coins and want to know their value or sell them, contact a pawn shop such as Pawn World to get the cash for these treasures before they slip through your fingers.