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3 Reasons Why Personalized Hooded Infant Towels Make The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a great gift for a new baby, you should consider getting a personalized, hooded infant towel. This is a great gift for several different reasons, and this article will discuss 3 of these reasons in more detail. 

You Have So Many Personalizations To Choose From 

When it comes to customizing your hooded infant towel, you have so many different customizations that you can choose from. You are going to be able to choose the color and type of towel material that you would like for both the towel and hood portion. You can also add any personalizations that are applicable to the infant. For example, you can have their name embroidered onto some portion of the towel. You can also do other fun customizations, such as having ears sewed onto the hood so that the towel looks like an animal or having a fun cartoon character embroidered onto some portion of the towel. 

They Are Sentimental

Another great reason why a personalized hooded infant towel can make such a wonderful gift is because it is sentimental. This a towel that will be personalized for the specific baby that you are giving it to, and will likely be something that their mom keeps forever. When the child is older, they can look back at this little treasure from when they are a baby and enjoy it. They will also likely keep it with them as they grow older so that they can also show their own children and perhaps even use it when bathing them as well. 

They Are Useful

Perhaps the best reason to get a personalized hooded infant towel is the fact that it is going to be useful. When a family has a new baby, sentimental gifts are of course wonderful, but gifts that are both sentimental and useful are even better. A personalized hooded infant towel will hold a special place in the heart, as well as fulfill a necessary purpose for the baby. The hood is great for keeping their little head warm when they get out of the bath, and the towel itself is perfect for wrapping around their little body. As an added benefit, the hood makes it very easy for the parents of the baby to hang the towel onto a bathroom door hook. This makes it easy for the parents to keep track of the towel.

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