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How To Make The Most Out Of Perfume Sample Tests

An effective way to assess different perfumes you're thinking about buying is by gathering samples and smelling them. You can make the most out of these sample smell tests by doing a couple of things in particular.

Use Store's Sample Sheets When Testing 

If you want to get a good idea of what a perfume actually smells like, then you need to use the store's sample sheets. They will look like white pieces of paper and should be displayed around the shelving where different perfumes are displayed.

Spraying different perfumes on these sheets gives you an objective way to smell the different aromas. Whereas if you tried to smell perfumes after spraying samples on your body, they could seep into the skin and then not tell the whole story as far as aromas present. This is a simple tactic that can help you end up buying the best perfume according to your smell preferences.

Consult With Perfume Specialist After Each Sample Spray 

When you go into a store to sample different perfumes, there will be plenty of specialists to help you out. They'll play a vital role during this experience because of their knowledge of each perfume that you ultimately try. They can tell you exactly what fragrances you're smelling and how long they'll typically last.

This way, you have more context and valuable insights to focus on during each perfume sample test. This improves your odds of making a better perfume selection because all of the facts will be laid out on the table. 

Come in Fragrance-Free

One of the more important things to remember when heading to a store to test different perfumes is to not wear any yourself. If you did, then that's only going to confuse you because you won't really be able to make out distinct aromas that you should be smelling with each sample that you test out. 

As long as you don't have any fragrances on your body the day you go to a perfume store, it will be easier to experience each fragrance and thus know exactly what you're getting before concluding this sale.

If you want to make a better perfume selection at a store of your choosing, then you need to know how to test sample perfumes. Basic rules and common sense go a long way in properly experiencing each perfume sample. Then you can make an optimal perfume selection.

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