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3 Ways To Provide Cancer Support With Holiday Decor Shopping

Shopping online is a big part of the holidays, but you can make your shopping experience feel even more meaningful when you shop to provide cancer support. As people try to cope and heal through cancer treatments, you have the opportunity to provide direct support in multiple ways.

Along with a percentage of your purchase going directly to cancer patients, you have the opportunity to purchase holiday decor that can increase the way you support those in need. Check out some of the options and items to look for when you shop online.

1. Christmas Light Displays

Choose Christmas light displays that you could put up outside your home to draw attention to cancer support. For example, you can create an illuminated sign that directs others to the same charitable website you shop for. Many colored ribbons help with cancer support and you have the opportunity to shape holiday lights into the shape of a ribbon.

Shop for specific colors to match specific ribbons. For example, when you shop to provide prostate cancer support, you can purchase light blue holiday lights. The light blue ribbon represents prostate cancer and will help showcase your efforts toward the cause. 

You could also create multiple holiday light boards that showcase blue ribbon designs and give them to family and friends to hand out for the holidays.

2. Holiday Centerpiece Creations

Someone going through health issues and ailments associated with cancer may not have the strength to properly decorate for the holidays as they typically would. You can shop online to find pieces and decor to put together a holiday centerpiece creation.

A holiday centerpiece can include fake Christmas floral plants, small holiday decor pieces, and other elements like holiday village pieces. When you purchase all the items online, you could find bulk collections of items and create multiple centerpieces to hand out to those in need and help add a little festive cheer.

3. Miniature Hospital Decorations

For patients who have to stay for long periods in a hospital, the space they have for decorations becomes limited. Through online shopping, you can find small decor items that will add a festive touch to a hospital room. For example, you may decide to add a nice snow globe to their room. You could purchase some garland to hang up on the wall.

For younger patients, you may consider the purchase of stuffed animals with a holiday theme like gingerbread or snowman. You could make purchases for specific people or purchase items and donate them to the cancer wing of a hospital.

Browse online selections to find all of the possible options available.