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When I found out that I was pregnant with twins I was really overwhelmed. Since my husband and I already had three children, I was really nervous about how to pay for all of the household supplies and food that we would need to raise such a large family. However, after carefully considering our options, we decided that we could learn how to be smarter consumers, which might save a little money. We started shopping around for better deals, and we were able to learn how to cut our spending by almost half. This blog is dedicated to helping people to shop a little smarter and to avoid the pitfalls of overspending.

Unique Ways To Use Birdhouses

Birdhouses come in all types of unique styles and colors, but most are used for their intended purpose. If you love birdhouses, or have a bunch of them waiting to be used and you don't want them all to "go to the birds," there are a lot of other fun ways to use unique bird houses.

Craft Projects. Basic unfinished wooden birdhouses can be found at most craft stores. They are fun to decorate and paint and make a great project for children and adults alike. Be sure to seal the birdhouse if you plan to use it outside. You can also decorate with stickers, strips of wallpaper, and decoupage. Whether it's you or the kids that have a day off, decorating birdhouses can be a great way to spend an hour or two. And once they are decorated, you can use them in some of the other unique ways listed here.

DIY Projects. If you want extra DIY points, making a birdhouse from scratch can be a great inexpensive project. Look online for templates, get out the supplies, and cut out and piece together your own birdhouse. To go a step further, create a rim around the edge of the roof and add a thin layer of soil, and your birdhouse can have a roof made of succulents or other low moisture tolerant plants.

Interior Decorating Accessories. If you love birdhouses, you have probably already displayed a few in your home. Birdhouses can make great decorative accessories. But try to use them in unique ways, instead of just putting them up on a shelf. Small birdhouses can have wire or string attached to them and be hung from the ceiling. You can use birdhouses in a child's room, especially if they have helped to decorate them. And finally, during the holidays, consider using small birdhouses on your Christmas tree. They make great ornaments and can become a fun theme for your Christmas decorations.

Think Outside the Box with Birdhouses. If none of these ideas appeal to you, you can always look for unique birdhouses for your yard or home. Look for those that are made of different materials, like metal or even plastic. Find birdhouses online or in store with unusual styles, like a birdhouse that looks like a bird or cat, or a giant bird mansion that looks like an actual house. There are even birdhouses that are ultra-modern and sculptural or that are holiday themed. Check out specialty stores for even more unique options.

Now that you have an idea of all the fun ways you can use birdhouses in and around your home, don't be afraid to get creative and use your birdhouses in unique ways. If nothing else, buy a birdhouse that looks unique. It will add whimsy and interest to your yard or home.