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How To Celebrate Your Husband's Retirement from Military Life

If your husband is retiring from the armed forces, you must be very proud of him. Considering that the United States military forces are made up of men and women who enlist without being drafted, the sacrifice is indeed great. Now that your husband is retiring, here are some ideas for how to honor him.

An Intimate Setting—Is your husband a person who doesn't like a lot of fanfare? In this case, he would probably be satisfied if you kept things simple.

  • Consider inviting family members and close family friends to a small catered dinner at your own home or select a restaurant that has a separate room for group dining.
  • Have each person take a minute or two to pay tribute to your honored guest. 
  • Think about discussing the different places where your husband served, his accomplishments, and other highlights of his military service.

A Large Celebration—If you know that your husband would love a large celebration in his honor, throw a party!

  • If the group is very large, consider having a potluck supper. Another idea is to have an outdoor party where you serve barbecue and all the fixings. Of course, if you want something more formal, a seated dinner either at your home or in a rented banquet hall are good choices, too.
  • Consider having entertainment. A musical group that includes patriotic songs as part of the entertainment would be fabulous. Another idea is to present a video show of your military life through the years.
  • Of course, honoring your husband with a short speech and a toast would be very appropriate. Also, it would be great if he gave a few words as part of the program.

Give a Military Plaque—A special event deserves a special gift!

Consider giving your husband a display case in which you have already placed his military awards. Another great idea is to select a wooden shadow box that will hold his medals, pictures, and even the cover he wore as part of his uniform. A plaque with the creed of his particular military branch along with a picture of him and his friends would be a nice sentimental gift. And, just to give something extra, a name plate for his desk would also be a reminder of the service he gave. Contact a business like The Trophy Case for more options or to order.

Best wishes as you plan your husband's retirement celebration.