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Two Tips To Help Your Sell Your Jewelry Easier

Once you've made the decision to sell your jewelry, getting a fair price is likely at the top of your list of priorities. However, some people get in their own way of accomplishing this goal. Whether it's ignoring all offers that don't meet the appraisal value or overlooking certain buyers, you can actually make the selling process more difficult. Here are just a couple of things you want to remember to make the selling process less stressful.

Use The Appraisal Only As A Starting Point

Keep in mind that an appraisal is sometimes just a starting point when it comes to negotiating the sale of your jewelry. Some sellers make the mistake of assuming that they will automatically get this amount for their pieces. While an appraisal is a very close estimate of how much your jewelry is worth, it isn't necessarily what you will be offered from the buyer.

Sometimes, the reason for this is the fact that buyers consider a number of different factors when purchasing jewelry. In addition to the type of precious metal used, cut of the stone and clarity, whether or not their customer base would be interested in the piece and how much they would be willing to purchase it for are also important. Try to use your appraisal as a starting point and not a concrete price for the best results.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

When it comes time to sell jewelry some people are under the impression that you have to go to a large, chain buyer if you want to get the highest offer. While on the surface it would seem that a larger business would have more capital and therefore be able to offer you more money, this isn't always the case. Take both a small and larger buyer, for example.

In this scenario, the smaller buyer has a small building, with low rent and low overhead costs. The larger buyer has a larger building, with much higher rent and overhead costs. In some cases, this scenario might leave the smaller business with more money to put towards the purchase of jewelry, whereas the larger company has less because of their higher operating cost. Whatever the case, don't overlook one buyer simply because you think they won't give you a good offer.

When selling jewelry research is very important. Whether it's researching the value of your pieces or the buyer you're working with, being knowledgeable on these factors can help you sell your jewelry at the best price much easier.

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