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Unique Mother's Day Gifts That Are All About Relaxation

Your mom wants nothing more than to feel loved on Mother's Day, so make this year truly special by giving her something she can enjoy. Gifts based around relaxation, such as candles, books, and even bathrobes, are always a pleasing favorite because it shows her how much you care and that she deserves to put her feet up. If you want to think outside the box, consider these relaxation-based Mother's Day gifts that are sure to please all year round.

Tabletop water fountain

The sounds of soft, gurgling water can put anyone at ease, and a tabletop water fountain for sale is an excellent way to combine beauty and serenity in one gift. These fountains, which are plug-in styles designed to be set on a counter top or table, come in a variety of colors and designs that are sure to please your mom and make her feel special on her big day. Choose from the following:

  • cascading vases
  • gurgling stream replica
  • cherub designs
  • classic Roman fountain

Some tabletop water fountains even come with LED lights in them that alternate between different soothing hues that complement the softly flowing water. Pair this unique gift with a classic Mother's Day token, such as a candle, book, or a framed photo.

Bathtub desk

Designed to fit over either edge of the bathtub, a bathtub desk is a wonderful addition to the traditional bubble bath, soaps, and fluffy towels that you normally get for your mom. This desk, which is a large tray, has a cup holder and plenty of room for resting food, a glass of wine, a candle, and even her favorite book. She won't spill a thing and will be able to relax in the tub in pure luxury, stowing her bathtub desk away easily when she is done.

Balinese massage

A unique massage is a perfect way to tell your mom how much you love her. A Balinese massage combines several different massage techniques into a single session, including aromatherapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue, and even acupressure. As you make massage reservations in your area, ask if a Balinese massage is available.

You want your mom to feel special on Mother's Day, and giving her a unique gift that totally revolves around relaxation is a great way to accomplish this. From a fun and relaxing tabletop water fountain to a combination massage, you can give your mom the perfect gift this year, and have wonderful ideas for Mother's Day in the future.