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What To Look For When Searching For An In-House Production Crew

With video cameras becoming cheaper and more advanced at the same time, many business owners question whether it would be feasible to hire an in-house videographer or even a full production crew. Many business managers think this will allow them to produce immediate video content that is on-brand and relevant. With high-quality video production equipment becoming more affordable, now is as good a time as any to hire your own video production crew and invest in your own equipment. This article explains what to look for when hiring a video production company.

Finding the Right Production Crew

Before even getting into the technical side of the equipment and job description, you should look for applicants that have worked with an actual video production company. Many talented videographers self-produce great content, but they have no experience working within the constructs of a large organization. The ability to produce artistic content does not necessarily mean that the applicant will know how to work within deadlines and deliver branded content in the right format and context. The fact of the matter is, many less experienced filmmakers have access to professional quality equipment, so they might be able to easily fool you into thinking they are a complete package. When you hire a filmmaker who has worked with a multifaceted production crew, you have the security and peace of mind that the crew is familiar with all aspects of the business.

Finding the Right Equipment

DSLR are currently leading the way in professional, prosumer and even cinematic video production. The price is attractive to video production crews of all sizes. A DSLR set up will also allow your to own a diverse range of lenses and accessories. If you own the camera bodies, you can rent the special lens that you need for special shoots. Most of your shoots will be achievable with standard lens. Whether you choose Canon, Sony, or Nikon, you will have a wide range of lens rental options. For instance, you can use Canon lenses on Sony camera bodies. Also, when it becomes practical, you can buy the lenses that you use the most.

Of course, you should take the camera equipment (and brand) into mind when you are hiring. It is always a plus if your applicants are already experienced with the brand that you choose. If you already have much of the equipment, you don't want to waste your time with a production crew that will need to relearn a different brand.