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Fusing Nature With Technology: 3 Electronic Products You Should Stock Your Outdoor Store With

America's outdoors have a lot to offer, so it's no wonder that 40.1 million Americans, or 14% of the entire population, went camping in 2013. If you own an outdoor store that sells camping equipment and gear, you'll find that many of your customers are looking for more than just tents and foldable chairs. The camping experience is commonly enhanced nowadays with electronic products. Here are 3 electronic products you should get from a wholesaler in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Solar Battery Chargers

Most Americans are glued to their phones — even when they go camping. Solar battery chargers are an earth-friendly choice, as they will power phones and other electronics through harvested solar energy. When purchasing these type of chargers from an electronics wholesaler, purchase models that have different power capacities and have different types of outlets that are compatible with a wide array of electronic products, from tablets to smartphones

GPS Tablets

If your store carries products that cater to consumers that will be spending a good portion of their time hiking in the woods, you'll want to carry some high-end GPS tablets. These tablets will provide detailed information on one's location, direction and elevation, so that users can navigate to safety, civilization or back to camp even when they are deep in the woods.

When looking for an electronics wholesaler to supply you with GPS tablets, look for ones that offer tablets with lifetime software upgrades. With the rates that current land developments are progressing, camping landscapes are constantly changing, so you want to be sure the GPS tablet stays up to date.

Portable Espresso Machines

83% of American adults drink coffee every morning to wake themselves up. A good cup of espresso is one of the many luxuries that many campers had to give up in the past; however, with the portable espresso machine, anyone can make a decent cup of espresso even when they are far from civilization. You'll find that this gadget will fly off of your shelves.

When stocking up on portable espresso machines from a supplier, consider the battery lifespan of the machines. You should also consider the amount of espresso that the machines can make each cycle. Portable espresso machines that can cater to larger groups of people are generally highly sought after, as they can conveniently make everyone coffee in one go.

Fusing electronic technology with nature can greatly improve one's camping experience. By stocking up on some of these useful and practical gadgets, your store will be able to better cater to more consumers and their needs.