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3 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life That Seems To Already Have It All

Trying to come up with a winning gift idea for the man in your life who seems to already have everything he needs and wants? Consider surprising him with one or more of the following three personalized gift options:

A Family Crest Plaque

If your loved one has a family crest, consider having the crest design engraved on a plaque by a company like Heraldry & Crests to gift them with. This memorable gift can be displayed at work or home, giving your man an opportunity to show pride in their family heritage. If possible, ask your loved one's parents for a list of family names going back a few generations so you can have those names engraved on the back of the plaque. You can order a family history report to pair with the plaque to provide your guy with some new insight about several generations of his family, which will likely make the family crest plaque more valuable to them.

A Memorabilia Movie

Give the gift of memories by creating a memorabilia movie of your immediate family that your loved one can enjoy for a lifetime. Start by choosing a series of photos that have been taken of your family on vacation, during barbecues, at school functions, and other various events within the last decade. Have the photos transferred to DVD and then have one of your loved one's favorite songs programmed to play in the background when the photos on the DVD are played. For a personal touch, take some time to decorate a cover for the CD together using stencils, paint, stickers, and permanent markers.

A Day Alone at Home

Everyone can appreciate the opportunity to relax alone once in awhile, so consider planning a quiet day at home alone as a gift for your man. Make sure that everyone in the household has somewhere to go for the planned day, and hire a house cleaner to spiff things up the day beforehand. Leave sandwiches, chips, refreshments, and treats in the kitchen and a selection of movies near the DVD player in the living room. Give him a solid six hours alone at home, and he's sure to feel refreshed and invigorated by the time everyone in the family starts making their way back home again.

These ideas can be combined with one another to create the ultimate gift pack that the man in your life is sure to appreciate and talk about for many years to come.