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Don'T Cover It Up: Inventive Ideas For Your Non-Working Fireplace

If your fireplace doesn't work, it might seem like a waste of space or even an eyesore in your room. Impress guests in your home by dressing- up your fireplace and making it the focal point of your space.

Some inventive ideas for your non-working fireplace include:

Give pets their own space. A non-working fireplace is the perfect little nook for your dog or cat bed. This will make your pet feel safe and secure, while they are still near you in the hub of the home. Use a decorative pillow, comfy sheepskin rug, or other pet-friendly bed to fill the fireplace and create a cool place for your four-legged family members!

Cover with an old window. A great idea that will transform your fireplace into something special utilizes an old window. Use a window that fits the fireplace opening and secure it to cover the opening. Consider putting something decorative, like a vase or figurines, inside so that people peering in the window will catch a glimpse of your collection.

Take a look at some unique screens. Fireplace screens have come a long way and the selection is far wider than the options previously offered at home retailers. Check out some cool screens that can transform the fireplace into a sophisticated and stylish element of your room. Plus, the screen will give guests the impression that it is a fully-functioning fireplace.

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Stack some wood. Even though your fireplace doesn't work, consider stacking logs to fill the cavity in a creative way. There are many ways to do this, but if you cut lengths of wood that are flush with the opening, you will create a geometric design that complements modern interiors. Consider painting the exposed ends a bright white or other color to bring cohesion to your room.

Add some storage. A non-working fireplace is the perfect place to add a shelf or two. These shelves are low-to-the-ground, and are the ideal spot to display a few books, knick-knacks, or photos. Plus, this tactic adds precious storage to your living space.

Go with a travel theme. Create a cool theme to your space by filling the fireplace with a stack of old suitcases or trunks. Place the largest on the floor of the fireplace and stack at least one smaller one on top. You can paint these trunks all the same color, or consider covering them with cool stickers and travel memorabilia to give the display some character.

A non-working fireplace can become an important feature of your home décor, and gives you the opportunity to get creative. Try one of these suggestions to give your old fireplace new life.