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Creative Ways To Display The New Bird Figurines That You Have Purchased

If you are an avid collector of bird figurines and would like to creatively display the ones that you have recently purchased inside of your dining room, try the following options. Once you have utilized one or more of the ideas, your dining area will have an attractive and unique appearance and you may inspire some of your family members or friends to begin their own collection if they are impressed.

Create A Lit Diorama

Turn a wooden crate or another sturdy container on its side and place it on a small table that can easily be viewed from the dining room table. Add a battery-powered motion sensor night light next inside of the box so that the finished diorama can be viewed during intimate meals in which dim lighting is used in the rest of the room.

Line the bottom of the diorama with a layer of dried grass, leaves, and twigs. Place some artificial nests on top of the materials and arrange the bird figurines inside of them. When anyone walks past the motion sensor light, the inside of the diorama will light up.

Make An Interesting Centerpiece

Use a plastic or glass candy dish as the base for a centerpiece that will be displayed on your dining room table. Fill the base of the centerpiece with an even thickness of colorful marbles or glass chips. Decide which of the collectibles you would like to showcase. Set them on top of the marbles or glass chips, spacing them evenly apart. To further enhance the centerpiece, surround it with a few candles or place a vase of colorful flowers on each side of it.

Use Dome-Shaped Cases And LED Tape Lighting

Place the collectibles in dome-shaped cases and arrange them along a table, shelf, or bookcase. Measure the length of the surface that the cases are set up on and use sharp scissors to cut a piece of LED tape lighting that is the same measurement. Peel off the tape's adhesive backing and press the LED tape lighting along the surface that was measured. An input socket that is connected to the end of the tape lighting will allow you to power up the lighting when you would like. 

All of the display options that you have created will make it possible for you to enjoy the collectible figurines for sale that you found on a daily basis and will provide you with the opportunity to share them with anyone who stops by your home.