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Fundraising Ideas For A Youth Group's Camping Trip

If you are a member of a committee that is making preparations to raise funds for a youth group's upcoming camping trip, try one of the following options to help you achieve your goal. As a result, the children in the group will be able to attend the event, learn about nature, and make lasting memories with their peers.

Sell Screen-Printed Shirts

Order screen-printed shirts that have a catchy slogan added to them that pertain to the future camping trip. Select a picture that is fitting, such as a campfire, forest, group of children, etc. to add underneath the lettering on each shirt. Place the order for the shirts with a company that specializes in designing screen-printed materials. Sell the shirts to individuals in your community. Customers may feel good about supporting a worthy cause and can wear their shirts to promote the upcoming event. For more info, go to sites like this.

Hold A Mini Carnival

Rent an outdoor venue to hold a mini carnival. In order for this event to be successful, you will need plenty of volunteers. Advertise locally in order to gain contributors. People who have a talent, such as performing magic tricks, dancing, painting faces, or juggling may help attract attendees to the carnival.

Set up some simple games, such as a balloon dartboard, ring toss, or basketball throw. Grill hot dogs, hamburgers, and other food items that are often found at carnivals. Charge a fee for tickets to each performance or game. Set prices for the food items, as well.

Sell Raffle Tickets

Ask some local businesses if they would like to donate an item of value to use as a prize in an upcoming raffle. If not, use some of the proceeds that have already been raised in order to purchase prizes. Advertise the raffle in a local newspaper and by hanging flyers up in busy areas in your town. Include information pertaining to where individuals can purchase tickets. Sell the tickets right up until you are ready to pick a winner for each prize. 

On the day of the raffle, bring along the screen-printed shirts that have not already been sold. Since many people will be gathering in order to find out who is holding the winning tickets, you may be able to make some additional shirt sales at the same time.

If your fund-raising efforts are profitable, consider using these tactics in the future when you are attempting to raise money for another event.