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3 Questions To Ask When Shopping For Gold Jewelry At Pawn Shops

For people who want to buy gold jewelry at the lowest possible price, pawn shops, such as Palace Jewelry & Loan, offer great bargains. Because jewelry at pawn shops has previously been owned, though, you need to do more research when buying gold jewelry from a pawn shop than from a jewelry store. If you're going to purchase gold jewelry from a pawn shop, here are some questions to ask before paying for a piece of jewelry. Asking these will help you be confident in the piece you ultimately decide to purchase.

Do You Have Any Certifications or Memberships?

When shopping for gold jewelry, you should look for a pawn shop that has a certified gemologist on staff and is a member of the National Pawnbrokers Association. A gemologist that's certified by the Gemological Institute of America will have the expertise necessary to inspect and grade any stones in the gold jewelry that you're looking at. A pawn shop that's a member of the National Pawnbrokers Association will be a reputable shop that you can trust.

Can the Piece Be Resized?

Some gold jewelry can easily be resized, but other pieces aren't made to be resized. This is an especially important question if you're purchasing a ring, but you should ask about resizing even if you're getting a bracelet or necklace. After all, a bracelet or necklace can be too small or large, too.

Before you purchase jewelry that can be resized and doesn't quite fit right, ask how much resizing might be. If the pawn shop doesn't resize jewelry, you'll need to inquire about resizing at a nearby jewelry store. The cost of resizing should be factored into your budget, because you'll need to pay to have the piece resized before it can be worn.

If a piece can't be resized, don't purchase it unless it fits perfectly. Even the nicest jewelry won't look great if it doesn't fit well, and there's no way to change the size of pieces that can't be resized.

Is the Piece Pure or Plated Gold?

Some jewelry is pure gold, while others are made of a different metal that's covered with gold. Pieces that are solid gold are, of course, more valuable. They're also more durable, because there's no risk of gold plating flaking off and revealing the metal underneath.

If you're looking for pure gold jewelry, don't settle for a piece that's only covered in gold. Ask a pawn shop owner to show you only solid gold pieces, and request that they demonstrate how they know each piece is made of only gold. Often, there is an inscription that they can show you to prove a piece is pure gold.