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Top Reasons People Wear Shungite Pendants

If you enjoy and shop for stone jewelry, you may have come across some pendants made from shungite. This is a rare, black stone with a shiny exterior. It's mostly made from carbon, which is where it gets its black color. While shungite is not as hard as its carbon cousin, the diamond, it is a very hard and durable stone. But that's not the only reason why shungite pendants are so popular. Here are some other top reasons why people buy and wear this type of jewelry.

To Ward Off EMF Radiation

These days, as popular as cellphones and computers have become, electromagnetic radiation, or EMF, is almost everywhere. If you are someone who is bothered by EMF, you may suffer from headaches, exhaustion, or even high blood pressure in its presence. Shungite, especially when worn around your neck, is said to help ward off the EMF, giving you relief from these symptoms. For best results, you should wear a shungite pendant all day long, but especially when you're in a high-EMF area such as an office or WiFi hotspot. Make sure the shungite you buy is labeled "elite shungite." This means it contains a higher percentage of carbon and is, therefore, better at capturing the EMF.

To Detoxify The Mind

In today's digital world, it is so easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Being bombarded with so much information and responsibility can leave you feeling depressed, anxious, or even just mentally worn out. Many people feel that wearing a shungite pendant can help combat these symptoms and detoxify the mind. You can reach for your pendant any day you're feeling a bit under the weather, or on challenging days when you know you'll need something a little extra to power through.

To Relieve Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain due to an old injury or an ongoing illness? Pain relievers don't always give enough relief, and they sometimes cause unwanted side effects, too. For this reason, many rely on shungite pendants to help with pain relief. Wearing the stone around your neck may help physically reduce your pain, and it may also help you mentally deal with the pain, too.

Shungite pendants can be unique and beautiful, but they're about so much more than just their looks. Consider the benefits above, and decide whether a shungite pendant might benefit you. They're good or pain, mental health, and EMF concerns.

For more information on an elite shungite pendant, contact a company near you.