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3 Ways To Tell If Your Vintage Costume Jewelry Has Value

Jewelry is used to accessorize clothing and make a statement about the wearer's personal sense of style. The widespread use of costume jewelry throughout the years has led to a consumer market flooded with vintage pieces.

Just because a piece of jewelry is old doesn't necessarily make it valuable. Here are three things that you can look for when evaluating your vintage costume jewelry to determine if it has value in today's market.

1. Quality Construction

You should always begin the evaluation of vintage costume jewelry by looking at the way a piece has been constructed. Good construction is always an indicator of value and quality.

A piece of vintage costume jewelry that will have value in today's market will feature well-decorated elements, crisp and defined figures, strong settings, and sparkling stones.

You want to see bracelet links that are sturdy and solid. All earring backs should be securely fastened to the earring itself, and vintage earrings with a screw-on back tend to have the most value because they fit the earlobe more securely.

Jewelry that has been constructed with attention to detail will always hold its value.

2. Recognized Marks

The companies that manufactured quality vintage costume jewelry typically stamped each piece with an identifying mark. It's essential that you become familiar with these marks so that you are able to separate the high-end costume pieces from the run-of-the-mill ones.

Some of the most collectible costume jewelry designers in today's market include Weiss, Hattie Carnegie, Miriam Haskell, and Monet. Other valuable designers include Coro, Vogue, and Larel.

Study the marks used by these designers and use a jeweler's loupe to check vintage costume jewelry for these marks when determining value.

3. Overall Design

One of the more subjective factors that can determine the value of vintage costume jewelry is the style of the piece itself. Many collectors worry less about who manufactured a jewelry item, and more about the design, time period, and materials the piece embodies.

Vintage costume jewelry that features a good design will always have a place in the collectibles market. Some popular design motifs are florals, birds or animals, and geometric shapes.

The key to realizing the full value of unmarked vintage costume jewelry pieces is finding a collector who thinks the piece looks chic and has a fashionable sparkle to it.

Placing a value on vintage costume jewelry can be challenging. By paying close attention to the construction, designer's mark, and overall design of each piece, you will be on your way to identifying the pieces with the most value.

For more information, contact vintage costume jewelry buyers  today.