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Decisions That Make When You Order Mini Custom Flags

Custom mini flags that feature your organization's logo can be a useful product to order in advance of many different occasions throughout the year. Whether you're planning to hand these flags out or use them to decorate a venue, you want to ensure that they look the best. A company that specializes in custom flags can discuss your preferred designs with you and create some renderings that show you exactly how the finished products will look. Beyond what information you get printed on your mini flags, there are several other decisions to make.

Flag Size

Mini flags are obviously significantly smaller than the full-sized flags that you might see flying around your community, but most companies that produce these custom products give you the option of choosing between a handful of flag sizes. You can browse the available sizes and determine which would be best for you. A good way to choose your mini flag size is to consider what you want to be printed on it. If your design will feature wording, choosing a flag that is a little larger will make the wording clearer to read.

Flag Shape

You'll also be able to choose what shape you want your custom mini flags to be. A lot of people immediately think of a rectangular shape when they picture a flag, and there are lots of advantages to choosing this shape. However, the company likely has one or more other shapes that are available. A common option is a triangular shape, and you may feel that this shape has a little more visual impact. Again, you'll want to think about your flag design. In flags of a comparable height, a rectangular shape has a larger surface area than a triangular flag, and can thus feature more details.

Flag Pole

Custom mini flags come with a flag pole, and you'll often be able to specify how exactly you want this piece to look. There's a good chance that you'll be able to choose between a few materials, including plastic and wood. You can also decide how long you want the flag poles to be. Based on the size of flags you're ordering, your company can likely give you some recommendations about what flag pole length would look best. Finally, you can decide whether you want a base in which the flag pole can sit. Depending on how you plan to use the flags, bases for each of them can be handy.

To learn more about mini custom flags, reach out to a service provider.