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Shopping For Better Deals

When I found out that I was pregnant with twins I was really overwhelmed. Since my husband and I already had three children, I was really nervous about how to pay for all of the household supplies and food that we would need to raise such a large family. However, after carefully considering our options, we decided that we could learn how to be smarter consumers, which might save a little money. We started shopping around for better deals, and we were able to learn how to cut our spending by almost half. This blog is dedicated to helping people to shop a little smarter and to avoid the pitfalls of overspending.

Two Tips To Help Your Sell Your Jewelry Easier

Once you've made the decision to sell your jewelry, getting a fair price is likely at the top of your list of priorities. However, some people get in their own way of accomplishing this goal. Whether it's ignoring all offers that don't meet the appraisal value or overlooking certain buyers, you can actually make the selling process more difficult. Here are just a couple of things you want to remember to make the selling process less stressful. Read More 

How To Celebrate Your Husband’s Retirement from Military Life

If your husband is retiring from the armed forces, you must be very proud of him. Considering that the United States military forces are made up of men and women who enlist without being drafted, the sacrifice is indeed great. Now that your husband is retiring, here are some ideas for how to honor him. An Intimate Setting—Is your husband a person who doesn't like a lot of fanfare? In this case, he would probably be satisfied if you kept things simple. Read More 

The Importance Of Role Play: Teaching Your Kids Skills For Life

Role play is an important part of any healthy childhood. Kids who have free reign to pretend they're teachers, or chefs, or pop stars learn all sorts of valuable skills. This is why most preschool classrooms include role-playing toys such as wooden play kitchens, doll baby strollers, tool benches, or boxes of dress-up clothes. You might be surprised to learn how many life skills your son is daughter picks up during role play: Read More 

Four Ways You Can Make Your Backyard Better

During the summer, one of the funnest things to do as a family is spend time outside in your yard. At the same time you may want more variety than sitting on your lawn watching your kids play on the swing set. Here are a few great things you can get to make your yard more fun: Get some patio furniture Outdoor patio furniture makes a huge difference for your backyard. Read More